FEATURED: Club Penguin Cruise Ship Pin

It’s been two weeks since the Life Preserver pin has been on the island, and it is time to release a new pin. This two-week’s pin is called the Cruise Ship pin. It is available for all players – members and nonmembers – for free! You can find this pin at the Cove.


Below is an image of the Cruise Ship pin on my player card. Check it out!


This pin will be available for two weeks. It will be replaced with a new pin on August 7, 2014. Make sure to pick up this pin while it is available, for it will disappear forever on August 7!

P.S. – this is my 1,000th post!

Club Penguin Music Jam 2014 Daily Cheats

Every day, Club Penguin releases a brand new feature at the Music Jam 2014. This post can be your reference to help you understand what is going on with the game.

Music Jam 2014 Cheats

Music Jam 2014: Day 2

Today is July 18, 2014 — day 2 of the Music Jam 2014.


There are two brand new items available to unlock today.

  • Music Cruise Pass (All players)
  • Thrift Shop Style (Members only)



Music Jam 2014: Day 3

Today is July 19, 2014 — day 3 of the Music Jam 2014. Check it out, Violetta is performing today!


Check her out on the stage below.


Click on her to get her exclusive Violetta giveaway!



Music Jam 2014: Day 4

Today is July 20, 2014 — day 4 of the Music Jam 2014.


There are two brand new items available to unlock today.

  • Glitter Microphone (All players)
  • Drum Roll (Puffle Hat) (Max: 40) (Members only)


Music Jam 2014: Day 5

Today is July 21, 2014 — day 5 of the Music Jam 2014. Check it out, Cole Plante is performing today!


Check him out on the stage below.


Click on him to get his exclusive Cole Plante giveaway!


Music Jam 2014: Day 6

Today is July 22, 2014 — day 6 of the Music Jam 2014.


There are two brand new items available to unlock today.

  • Beat Dropper Hat (All players)
  • Beat Dropper Outfit (Members only)

Music Jam 2014: Day 7

Today is July 23, 2014 — day 7 of the Music Jam 2014. Check it out, Sabrina Carpenter is performing today!


Check her out on the stage below.


Click on her to get her exclusive Sabrina Carpenter giveaway!


Music Jam 2014: Day 8

Cheats coming on July 24, 2014

Music Jam 2014: Day 9

Cheats coming on July 25, 2014

Music Jam 2014: Day 10

Cheats coming on July 26, 2014

Cole Plante: Gotta Have a Wingman (Remix)

One of Club Penguin’s former workers — Businesmoose — has created a video for Cole Plante’s remix of the hit song Gotta Have a Wingman. Check out the video below!

I think that Businesmoose did an amazing job. I hope he returns to the CP staff one day! Leave a comment if you think Businesmoose should return.

New EPF Message from Rookie

If you are an EPF agent, you might have noticed your EPF spy phone ringing. There is a brand new message from Rookie! Check out the message below.


If the image isn’t showing, it says:

“That cruise ship is HUGE! I was wandering around inside and I lost my wrench. Anyone know where it is?”


I know where it is, Rookie! Be careful, and don’t misplace your things next time!

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 12.15.08 PM

Club Penguin Music Jam July 2014 Cheats

The time has come! Club Penguin has just unleashed a brand new, redesigned and rethought classic party — the Music Jam. Below are the cheats and full guide to this party. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to leave a comment.


Basic Overview

When you log on to Club Penguin, waddle to the Dock and go on to the Cruise Ship. The Cruise Ship is where all of the action is going to take place. Most players are already in the main lobby of the Cruise Ship when they log in, but if you aren’t, this is how to get in.



Cadence will pop up with a message for you.


Welcome to the main lobby! You can click on the schedule to view the party events and details.


Below are the events over the course of the whole party. Violetta will perform on the 19th, Cole will perform on the 21st, Sabrina will perform on the 23rd, and Zendaya will perform on the 25th. Every other day — the 18th, 20th, 22nd, 24th, and 26th — members can unlock two exclusive items, and nonmembers can unlock one. For more info, learn about the daily tasks.


If you noticed, at the top of the schedule was a timer and a Go There! button. If you click on the button, you will be taken to the upper deck to watch the mascots perform.




SoundStudio is a brand new game on Club Penguin introduced during the beginning of July. It has replaced DJ3000 (more simply DJ3K.) Although it is sad to see DJ3K go, I must say, SoundStudio is pretty amazing. I will have the full SoundStudio cheats guide later, but for now, this will do.

First, access SoundStudio by going to the Dance Club. As you can see, DJ3K is now gone.


To start, press Make Music. To view the instructions, which are very simple, press Instructions.


Below are the instructions. Basically, press buttons to play around with sound and have fun!






Below is what the studio looks like. Enjoy all of the possible combinations! There is so much you can do. Members can save their tracks and play them in their igloos.



Daily Tasks

As mentioned in the Basic Overview, there are daily tasks for members and non-members to complete. Let’s take a look at our schedule again.


Here’s what we have in store.

  • July 17, 2014: Cadence & The Penguin Band perform for Club Penguin.
  • July 18, 2014: Two items available for members; non-members can only obtain the pass.
  • July 19, 2014: Violetta performs for Club Penguin.
  • July 20, 2014: Two items available for members; non-members can only obtain the microphone.
  • July 21, 2014: Cole Plante performs for Club Penguin.
  • July 22, 2014: Two items available for members; non-members can only obtain the neon hat.
  • July 23, 2014: Sabrina Carpenter performs for Club Penguin.
  • July 24, 2014: Two items available for members; non-members can only obtain the acoustic guitar.
  • July 25, 2014: Zendaya performs for Club Penguin.
  • July 26, 2014: Two items available for members; non-members can only obtain the MP3.

Not bad! Who’s performance are you most looking forward to? I’ll be back here every day to help guide you through each of the daily tasks and provide more information.



There are about eight decorated rooms for this party (bummer, huh?) and six of them happen to be on the Cruise Ship. Below is a map of the Cruise Ship that you can access by clicking your map when you are on the ship.


Below is a gallery of photos of the rooms on the Cruise Ship followed by the only other two decorated rooms — the Town and Dock. Click to enlarge each image.

Here is the Town which happens to have the same exact decor as it did during the Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam of August 2013.


Party Review

Overall Rating: 4/10

I’m giving this party a 4 out of 10 because it lacks the features of a Music Jam. There are absolutely no aspects of the old Music Jam party at this Music Jam. The smallest things — from the T-Shirt stand to the backstage access — is what really makes the party worth its while.

nothing here

It’s almost like the team took a cruise/getaway party idea and tried to incorporate music into it, and stuffed it onto a boat rather than bringing the party to Club Penguin. I don’t want to have to travel to get to my party – I want it to be right there for me, right at home. This time around, nothing screams “Music Jam!” to me, and this classic photo certainly does not come to mind.


All that comes to mind is a Hollywood Party/Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam/Cruise Vacation remix, which is not what a Music Jam should be. Here is a video that Archiyoso recorded featuring me (yes, you will hear my real voice!)

Anyway, if you have questions, comments, or anything you’d like to add, don’t forget to comment so we can talk. I want to hear your opinions about the party, too. What do you rate this year’s Music Jam?

Club Penguin Times Issue #456

Aunt Arctic has just published the newest issue of the Club Penguin Times. In this issue, she talks about x. Below is the feature story, followed by the support story and the upcoming events. Take a look.

Feature Story: Music Cruise Docks and Rocks!

Cadence writes about a bunch of activities to do during the Music Jam.


Support Story: Sabrina Carpenter Interview

Cadence and Sabrina have a one-on-one interview. Read it below.


Upcoming Events

Below are the upcoming events for the next few days. Violetta, Cole Plante, Sabrina and Zendaya will be performing their songs. A new pin will also be available on July 23rd. Life Preserver Pin


What did you think of this week’s issue of the Club Penguin Times? Let me know in a comment below.

Daffo Doodles: Underwater Adventure!

Daffodaily5 has made a new post on the Club Penguin blog. Check it out below!

Thank you all for your amazing submissions for Daffo’s Underwater Adventure! As always, I received sooooo many pics, so I had a hard time deciding which ones to show you. But without further ado, check out these super brill sketches!


What do you think? Pretty awesome right? Thanks to everyone who submitted a doodle! :D Time to introduce the next theme… *STANDARD DRUM ROLL*… Daffo’s Disco Inferno! We’re talking EPIC dance scenes with mega moves! Time to get doodling! Submit your disco doodles via the Fan Art page and I’ll feature some of them in my next post. DON’T FORGET to change the file name of your image to Daffo Doodles along with your name, so I can easily identify your pics! Have fun!

Are you going to submit fan art into the Daffo Disco Inferno contest? If you are, I can’t wait to see!

Cadence and Penguin Band Meetup Times

Polo Field has posted a bunch of meetup times for Cadence and the Penguin Band on the Club Penguin blog. Below are multiple different times that you can meet them. All times are noted in Penguin Standard Time.


Friday, July 18

  • 5:00pm on the server Fog (Penguin Band Only)

Saturday, July 19

  • 8:30am on the server Northern Lights (Penguin Band Only)
  • 3:00pm on the server Chinook (Penguin Band and Cadence)

Sunday, July 20

  • 8:30am on the server Jack Frost (Penguin Band and Cadence)
  • 3:15pm on the server Cloudy (Penguin Band and Cadence)

Monday, July 21

  • 8:30am on the server Fog (Penguin Band and Cadence)
  • 1:30pm on the server Mammoth (Penguin Band and Cadence)
  • 3:00pm on the server Cloudy (Penguin Band and Cadence)

Tuesday, July 22

  • 12:30pm on the server Rainbow (Penguin Band Only)

Wednesday, July 23

  • 12:30pm on the server White Out (Penguin Band and Cadence)

Make sure to pick up their exclusive background when you meet them on Club Penguin. Also, try to get them on your buddy list!

Useful links

  • Cadence Tracker
  • Penguin Band Tracker

Es, Ro

Mod Monday July 14, 2014

Megg has just made a brand new post on the official Club Penguin blog. Today, there will be another Mod Monday. Check out what she has to say below.

“This Mod Monday will have an animal theme! The twist is, you have to create an animal mash-up. For example, you could go as a Libear – half lion half bear :) We’ll meet in the Forest at 1:30 PM PST.”

Below are the servers in which the moderators will be logging on to.


Grand Stand and Mustache will be logging on the server Cabin.
Mars Hawk and Sunrainbows will be logging on the server Sasquatch.

The moderators will be logging on their assigned servers at 1:30 PM Penguin Standard Time. The theme is animal mash-up. What will you create? I think I will be attending the Sasquatch event dressed as a Unihorse… :)

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Pin Tracker: Cruise Ship

It’s been two weeks since the Life Preserver pin has been on the island, and that means a new pin has been released. This two-week’s pin is called the Cruise Ship pin. It is available for all players – members and nonmembers – for free! You can find this pin at the Cove. Read more about the Cruise Ship by clicking on the image or on any of the blue text in this except.



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